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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Long Lost Care Bears

The Long Lost Care Bears is the eleventh episode in the Care Bears television series. It first aired on November 8, 1986 on the ABC network.

The episode features Perfect & Polite Panda in their only franchise appearance.


As the Care Bear Family is cleaning out in the Hall of Hearts, they notice an old photo album that has a photo of two baby pandas in it. When the Caring Meter rings, Tenderheart and the rest ride on their Cloud Cars amid a blizzard to see to these "lost" relatives of theirs.

They are attacked by snow monsters that turn out to be the two pandas in furry outfits—Perfect & Polite Panda, who speak in rhyme all the time! (Good Luck Bear suddenly finds a crush on Polite, the female half of the sibling duo.)

After taking a tour of Paradise Valley, where they live, Tenderheart Bear, Swift Heart Rabbit and Good Luck Bear drive them back to Care-a-lot, but then wintry weather sets in once they and the Pandas leave.

At the Hall of Hearts, the Pandas are reunited with the rest of the Care Bear Family after being separated from them years ago by No Heart. Tenderheart gives them two tummy symbols: Polite gets a rose, and Perfect a star-shaped medal/ribbon (some say shooting star).

Training is hectic for the two pandas, and it causes problems for the other Family members. Only when they feel they are not true Care Bears do they decide to return to Paradise Valley and save it from the ongoing blizzard.

It is then that Tenderheart and the others realise that, without the Pandas, it would always snow all over their home; this is why the sun shines on it every day.

Good Luck Bear, along with the pandas, Perfect & PoliteAs the Pandas go back to their real family, consisting of humans, Polite says her last good-bye to a heart-broken Good Luck. But Tenderheart and Swift Heart assure him that they will meet again someday, especially when his namesake applies.